Thursday, March 27, 2014

Oh Ho Ho It's Knitting, You Know

For the past week I have had the song "Magic," by Pilot stuck in my head.  Over and over, never believe it is not so.  I heard it in a restaurant and it has taken possession of every waking minute of my life.  Usually, I cleanse my mental radio with humming the "Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald."  "Magic," seems to be impervious to this cure.


To the soundtrack of this song I have been knitting waffle stitch washcloths.  On ho ho that stitch is magic.  Much like the song stuck in my head, I got stuck on that stitch and made 3 washcloths.  I love how squishy the knitted fabric turns out.  I started to think of all the stash yarn I could use up by making washcloths.  It got a little ugly for a few minutes as I started realizing how many single balls of cottonish yarn I have available for washcloths.  The morning light of reason hit me and I decided to give the waffle knit stitch a break.  I was able to stop myself and move on to another project. Now if only I could get the music in my head, crazy music, to stop, it would be...MAGIC!

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