Sunday, April 27, 2014

Wingspan in Gina or Loving the Stripes

I just finished knitting the Wingspan pattern.  It is one of those patterns that everyone is making with almost 10,000 Wingspan projects on Ravelry.  I did not know it was a popular pattern when I decided to knit one.  All I knew is that I liked how this yarn, Plymouth's Gina, looked in a sample at a shop.  Fast forward a year and I finally got around to casting on.  I had knitted one skein before I realized I had made a mistake and had to pull it out and start over.  Somewhere I had read the pattern was better with an I-cord cast on, and started again with an I-cord cast on.  I kind of like how I-cords look on knitted things and added an applied I-cord edge.  Next came the I-cord cast off.  I even decided since things were going so well I would add an I-cord loop for a button.  I may have over estimated my knit abilities on that one because the loop looks a little clunky.  Okay, a lot clunky.  After reflecting on the loop I am going to pull it out and try again to make it look less ugly.  Notice, I did not say perfect, just better.  I-cords and loops aside, I really love how the yarn striped up and this pattern was a lot fun to knit.  In fact I have seen several variations of this pattern on Ravelry and I may want to try one of those too.  My wingspan is not perfect, but enjoyed the knitting. 

Notice I am hiding the ugly button loop in the photo


Love how the yarn striped up

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