Sunday, June 8, 2014

Diamond Stitching

I just finished a cowl and mitts in a lace diamond stitch pattern.  I am going to say it was one of the most vexing stitch patterns every!  Okay, maybe not for everyone, but for me it was.  The pattern has a slip 2, knit, passover stitch that is impossible to tink out.  I put in stitch markers and counted and counted and counted, but still I just kept f***ing up.  I even wrote down the lace pattern on colored index cards to help me stay on track.  Once I was done with the cowl, I decided to make mitts to match.  Again, smaller yarn does not make a hard stitch pattern easier.  I made the mistake of taking the mitts to knit night.  Major mistake.  After much ripping back, I finally finished the mitts.  I am happy with the products, but my head still hurts from this stitch pattern.  No more diamond stitch patterns for me.

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