Saturday, July 25, 2015

What's Your Point Scarf

I have been knitting, but with moving & some larger works in progress I have not finished much lately.  However, awhile back I did finish a scarf which will not find its way around my neck until this fall.  In the meantime it languishes away with my other fabulous knitted scarves.  The pattern for the scarf is called "What's Your Point Scarf?" Available at the following website:  ( ). 

The scarf was an easy knit, but it is the yarn I used which I love.  One of the Sunday knitters showed up with this Schachenmayr Regia Fluormania line of sock yarn and I knew I had to have some.  I found a vivid purple, pink, green colorway to call my own. 

I was worried that this pattern was going to just roll up once knitted.  My knitter think tank assured me blocking would take care of the rolling edge problem.  Aggressive blocking paid off and the scarf is flat as a pancake (which if you think about it a pancake is actually a little puffy on top).  Can't wait for nippy weather to show off this pointedly vibrant scarf.

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