Sunday, June 26, 2016

Queer Pride

Today is a day to remember to be proud.  Proud that you are different, proud that you have spoken your truth, proud you have survived to hold your head high with dignity and command respect.  Today it has been 1 year since the supreme court struck down hateful anti same-sex marriage laws (, and 47 years since the Stonewall Inn riots.  Today I am proud to look back on the diverse group of dykes, fags, and transvestites who made my life possible.  They are my heroes.  They refused to be put down one more time, they knew they deserved better.  They fought for basic human rights against the status quo.  I can never thank them enough.

Yesterday the place where this struggled became public, the Stonewall Inn, became a National Monument.  The fight for LGBTQ equality which started there will be honored and treasured by a nation.  I can only hope that Harvey Milk's camera shop will also garner recognition as well.  Queer history which is a part of American history will live on for the next generation and for all of this I am proud to be a lesbian.

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