Monday, June 29, 2009

Oh, I Do Knit With That Stash

As proof that I have been knitting lately, not just obsessing about the state of my stash I offer the following.

I Knit seven coasters for my new set of co-workers. I used odds and ends of cotton I had hanging out in my stash. I love that I look at the colors and see bibs of love, burpies, and washcloths as well as the quick knock out coasters. My co-workers seemed to like them, but maybe they were just being nice. I felt good making the coasters so I guess that is all that counts. Speaking of good intentions, I knitted this neck scarf to help a customer from good old LC library. This pattern was good intentions going awry. The woman found the pattern in Martha Stewart's Living Magazine and wanted my help with the construction. The pattern was cryptic at best and it required me to go to my knitting mentors. After much consultation, I took what I had learned back to the lady. She was less than receptive to my help and told me I was wrong you had to follow the pattern exactly. Yikes, it was ugly, but I soldiered on and tried to help the lady out. I kept the silly thing in my locker as my work project. One day she came in and said the pattern was all wrong and she had found a different pattern to use. In the end I have a finished scarf with the thought that it will find its way to the right neck this Christmas.

And finally I have another sock done. Not just any sock, but a toe up sock knitted on a single circular. Which brings my sock debt to 5 finished socks and one more to go. This morning while waiting to see a doctor about a lavagna burn on my leg I got a good three to four inches done. on the mate to the lovely below. I am excited soon I will be out of the hole on the socks and then I can start a whole other pair! Wait what did I just say? I mean, I can move on to another project.

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