Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dim Sum or Tasting Chicken Feet

I love good food, and it shows when you see me.  I am not an adventurous eater, but I do like to try new things within limits.  I have always wanted to do dim sum, but with no experience in Chinese cuisine and a complete idiot with languages I had yet to try one of our many wonderful restaurants which serve dim sum. 

Once again the world of string brings me to new frontiers of experience.  One of the women I knit with had put out the call for yarnies and dim sum with the added bonus I got to meet her hubby and her mother.  So with Semperfiona and knitting tribe around me I got to try so many wonderful new things which have names I will never remember or be able to pronounce. Thankfully, the organizer of dim sum and her amazing hubby or very seasoned dim sum eaters.  They directed us to some very yummy stuff..  The pot stickers and sesame dessert balls were not new to me, but the fried shrimp balls were attractive and very  tasty.

I loved how the items came in little steamers which were put on the ubiquitous lazy susan.  I kept having issues with the lazy susan because I would move it just as someone else was trying to get something yummy.  Then I whirled the thing and a plate knocked over one my co-patriots tea.  That is me making a buffoon of myself in front of such nice people. 

My fellow knitter's hubby, who was just awesome at picking the yummiest stuff, kept the food coming.  He even made sure chicken feet were on the lazy susan.  I like chicken and have tried just about every part of the chicken except the head and the feet.  I find all but the gizzard palatable.  And now I can say I am not crazy about the feet because I did try a toe.  It was weirdly chewy and other than the sauce not very tasty.  I am doubtfully I will eat chicken feet again, but I was very happy to have such a wonderful opportunity to be able to come to that conclusion from experience.

Once again I think thank you my tribe of knitters for bringing so many wonderful things to my life.

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Crafty and Crap said...

I'm so glad we've tricked you into thinking we are nice! Its so much fun to go to food with someone who is adventurous and willing to try things on the description of "its just good"