Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What next, flip-flops?

To prove I have indeed fallen into the world of rubber footwear, I exhibit the Crocs Suede Alice (Ruby).  I have been wearing it all day.  So far it has been very comfy and much fussed over.

These are the bad, the Crocs Malindi.  I paid $20 for them and I am unsure if I am going like this expensive version of the 80s Jellies.

The ugly, the Crocs Celeste shoes, I paid a whooping $5 for these homily step-sisters in cotton candy and ruby.  These babies are not the prettiest things I have ever seen, but they are way comfortable.  Judge me if you will, trust me I did all the way out of the mall carrying that big green bag proclaiming "CROCS."   I am sure I will lose diva points everytime I slip a pair of these on.

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