Monday, October 11, 2010

Fiestaware or the Multi-Colored Monkey on My Back

Being the woman with the multi-colored fiestaware monkey on my back literally ( ) it is not surprising that I get excited everytime a new color is put out by the good people at Homer Laughlin.  This fall the new color is the aptly named Paprika. I am not a warm hues kind of girl, but you know it is a color I don't have. 

Paprika Tower of Fiestaware
Excited I went to my favorite place to buy fiestaware, Cornucopia in Kirkwood ( ).  I went alone with intent to buy some colored dinnerware.  I was not disappointed.  I bought a paprika mini disk pitcher, gusto bowl, and a fruit bowl to add to my rainbow collection of dishes.  I am going to ask my mom for a place setting of the paprika for Christmas.

Paprika Mini Disk Pitcher Joins the Herd
I also found a new addition to the fiesta family, a jam jar.  Forget the fact that I don't routinely keep jam in a special jar.  You know I had to have one.  I even bought the new design in the last new color, lemon grass.  I left the store poorer, but with a bag full of pretty pieces of pottery going to a good home at my house. 

Lemon Grass Jam Jar

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