Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cool Friends

I think I have some really cool friends.  My wonderful photographer friend, Sungazing, ( ) has sold some of her photos for the covers of books.  Two to be exact.  One of the photos was snatched up by  Random House and used for the cover of Kelley Armstrong's Industrial Magic

I think what gets me so excited about the cover is that the photo is one of personal favorites.  A couple of years ago I was so excited by the photo she gave me a framed copy of the image.  The image of the leg with the chess pieces makes me think about an adult Alice going through the looking glass.  The photo is sexy and intelligent.  I also wonder how the hell did she take the photo and keep those chess pieces from falling off her leg? 

Friday night I was at Borders and I kept seeing Sungazing's leg everywhere.  I just kept thinking I know that sexy leg.  I bought my own copy, not even because I want to read the book, but because Sungazing is so cool. Her other cover for the Pigman and Me   
( ) is out but I have yet to find a copy.  Pretty soon bookstores everywhere will be show casing her sexy gams.  You go Sungazing!

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