Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tempest in a Pot of Reality

Thursday is always my favorite night of the week.  As I have mentioned before my Beloved Cuz and I always get together and spend some time together having dinner, knitting, and enjoying each others' company ( ).  Over time we have stumbled into all kinds wonderful things.  Tonight it was reality TV!  No kidding when we showed up at one of the coffee houses we frequent they were filming a reality show for HGTV.  Bright lights, lots of extraneous people, and cameras littered around the otherwise subdued setting.

I know, you think I am exaggerating, but the producer, Heather, made us sign a release to be part of the video landscape.  The reality show was about people buying their first home.  Apparently, they are filming a whole season of the show in St. Louis.  Beloved Cuz and I were kind of excited to have something different happen on our Thursday.

So it was lights, camera, action and here we are trapped as knitting background props.  I am not worrying about how my hair looks or whether I am making a stupid face.  No I am worrying if someone will see this episode and critique my knitting.  Will someone see my knit front back and think, "Oh my god, why is that woman strangling her Cascade Magnum?"

I was glad when the filming stopped so we could pack up and leave.  I was also surprised reality TV was not that real.  They made the couple repeat their surprise on the contract offer four times, it felt forced.  It was also weird to see these men shouldering around heavy cameras and zooming in on the couple through a pastry case.  I am not even sure what the name of show is and I will not be on the lookout for my debut.  However, my final comment on the whole thing is if you see a woman strangling her Cascade Magnum on a reality show, please be kind, you may know her.

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