Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wrist Buddy, or Everything In Its Place

I have mentioned this before I have been working on a design for a pair of wristwrappers.  I am almost done with that project and in the process I have started working on a second design for a wrist buddy.  I am defining the wrist buddy as a cuff that I can use to hold my dpns (double pointed needles) and any other knitting notions that needs holding.  I don't know about anyone else, but I always have my notions strung out all over my futon.  This situation has caused many lost items and on occasionally a dpn poking me in unkind places. 
Wristwrapper Prototype
My wristwrappers design produced these little cuffs.  I picked up stitches on the back and then stuffed the cuff.  This method was probably the hardest way to do anything,  I have an idea on how to improve this design and make it simpler.  So I am still working on this design, but I am pleased with the idea of the end product.
Wrist Cuffs
The wrist buddy gives me spots for dpns, stitch locks, stitch markers, stitch holders, tapestry needles, and with a safety pin a row counter.  I felt really clever creating my little cuff, and when I look down at the cuff while knitting I know the joy Batman must feel every time he reaches for his utility belt.  Check back I promise to post the pattern for my wrist buddy as soon as it is done.

Wrist Buddy Prototype

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