Saturday, April 24, 2010

Downtown Adventures, Or How I Found the London Tea Room

I decided today my beloved wife and I needed an adventure. I love tea and I love London so I thought a place called the London Tea Room ( ) might be the sort of place for me. I said, "Let's have an adventure today." My wife went along with her usual stoic countenance. I gave her direction and after the hunt for a parking spot we were off to the tea room.
From my first glance I was excited, the large open room full of everything tea took my breath away. I ordered quiche and scones from the menu marked "Eat Me" and lavender earl grey from a menu marked "Drink Me." My wife had organic vanilla, which I picked for her, and a grilled cheese sandwich. The tea, the clotted cream, the scones, everything was lunchalicious!

We sat at a table close to the windows watching the downtown dwellers walk their dogs, smoke cigarettes, and go about their urban lives. We castigated ourselves for not bringing our knitting so we could linger over our tea and each other in such a fun place. We decided the next time we would be more prepared for a return adventure.

We even made some new friends. Next door to the London Tea Room were two lions standing sentinel over the 1500 block of Washington. Looking fierce and stoic they reminded me of my beloved wife. My stoic wife said with a grin, "Good adventure." And the whole London experience was completed with a rain storm as we walked to the car.
I even brought a little of downtown home with me: chai tea, a Mars bars, and one for the road ice tea. All adventures should be this yummy.


Sara said...

I love the London Tea Room! I took my mom there for Mom's Day and it was great. Clotted cream = food of the gods!

Tempest ina Pot of Tea said...

I have been back since this post and I love it even more. The blend called the 5th of November is amazing.