Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lagniappe or Oh Katia

Sometimes you just fall in love with the novelty of a yarn and just have to have it.  I saw this Katia by Triana at Knitorious and wanted to make these lovely ruffly scarves.  Fortunately, my wonderful friends Tammie and Fiona had birthdays coming up.  Though I already had presents for both of these lovely ladies, I decided they needed birthday lagniappes. 

I love the word, lagniappe.  A lagniappe is a Cajun/Creole word meaning a little something extra.  I like getting those unexpected bonuses in my life and so do be able to do that for someone or someones I love, is almost like getting a lagniappe for myself.

The yarn has at the top a little slit which is the opening used for knitting.  When knitted up the yarn makes this awesome ruffled fabric.  I discovered the yarn in a half knitted scarf laying on the table at the lys and said, "What's this?"  Of course I picked up the scarf and the needle fell out.  Whoops!!!  Sadly, this is tricky yarn and once you drop a stitch, it is very hard to pick it up again.  Sandy, the owner of Knitorious, had to start all over again.  It is a good thing Sandy likes me and I bought some yarn from her that day 'cause I was in the dog house on this one. 

With my novelty yarn in my knitting bag I began on my lagniappe scarves.  I knitted up the scarves and had bonus round presents for two of my favorite people.  As you can see from the photo of Tammie in her gift, she looks FABULOUS!!!

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