Saturday, April 9, 2011

Fiestaware and Me, or What Came in the Mail Today

You know I love fiestaware; okay you know I love fiestaware almost as much as I love my wife.  Today I got a special package of love from the good people of Norby's in Minnesota. Long have I coveted a set of fiestaware backing bowls (because I bake so much).  Sadly, the set usually is available only in one color.  Now I like lots of color in my life and I have been longing for the set in greens.  I even wanted it to go from darker greens to lighter greens because I am picky that way.  A very tall and pricey order, but with patience, time on the Internet, and of course a credit card number the set of my dreams is now part of my fiesta hoard.

I have the 6 quart in evergreen, the 4 quart in shamrock, and the 2 quart in lemongrass.  I am feeling the love here.  Makes me almost want to bake, almost.  The evil fiestaware designers at Homer Laughlin have also added a 2 piece smaller set of bowls that will nest snugly with the others.  I am still wavering on color choice, but in time I will have the whole 5 piece, because fiestaware is my drug of choice.

In my quest for the baking bowls, I discovered my lovely Masquerade Mirro flatware set had an additional party set available ( ).  I was like "What? What?"  I chewed on the idea of buying the set and after 5 minutes of internal dialogue with my superego, id hit the buy button.  Superego can chastise me when I get the credit card bill, but oh are they lovely. 

The set has cocktail forks and spoons with a very small spreader.  I need to make it a point to find more reasons to use all colorful accouterments.  If nothing else,  just to show everything off.  And just to keep with my theme for the year, I am just so damn lucky to be surrounded by so much brightly colored dinnerware.   

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