Saturday, July 30, 2011

The 1970s Are Calling

My lovely spouse lucked into some vintage 1970s yarn in some very vintage 70s colors.  She brought home six large containers of these man made fibers.  The skeins ranged from white and crunchy through the rainbow of technical color scratchy acrylic.  Each box has been an assault on the retinas and in many ways a crime against the dinosaurs who gave their lives for petroleum products that made the yarn.  I nabbed some bright colors for some possible guerrilla yarn actions and well beause, darn it, some things are just too ugly to force anyone else to take.

As we have sorted these assaults on the senses we talked about what we could knit out of the bright array of colors.  The always resourceful Natalie is planning puppy and kitty pads for our critters.  I watched her sort and think and sort some more as she discussed Ria's, one of our dogs, new blanket.  In the beginning of this haul I was less than excited about the edition to our constantly growing stash.  However, tonight as we went through the colors I must admit her excitement and planning drew me into the fold.  You know as crunchy as some of this stuff maybe in the end dogs and dreamers just don't care. 


Charade said...

Look at all those fiesta ware colors just for you! If I didn't know better, I would have guessed that this stash came from my own mother. You could walk into her beautifully organized craft room with its wall of yarn and hear all those baby esters crying for their moms, "Polly, Polllllyyy!" Thanks for making me smile.

Tempest ina Pot of Tea said...

I am so glad I made you smile. There is so much `ester in the house right now you would be smiling until your checks hurt. But love the idea that I could knit myself a set of very colorful dishes.