Monday, July 25, 2011

Oh Grammar you are a Bitch

I was rereading though some of my old posts and groaned at some of the atrocious grammatical errors.  I hate that I have an English degree and still stumble through a sentence making basic mistakes, it is humbling.   I, always, did preferred reading Victorian novels rather then struggling through diagramming sentences.  The worst is that I do edit my blog posts.  I do, just as my high school English teacher suggested, reading everything aloud to better hear my mistakes.  I rewrite anything I stumble over.  However, despite my best efforts there they are those glaring mistakes.  The truth is I just can't seem to edit myself (Unfortunately, that is a problem in all aspects of my life).  I fix the mistakes in my head never seeing the botched tense or the mismatched pronouns or wiley run on sentences or well I think you are getting my point.  I freely admit commas are my enemies.   I subjectively pepper my prose with the rascally little slices whenever I think I haven't put one in for awhile.  I hope you patient reader and friend will just politely smile and shake your head at my grammar, saying in your kindest voice, "Well, at least she has style!"

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