Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wedding Number 3 or Iowa Revisited

Johnson County Iowa Court

Once again my wife and I found ourselves on the way to Iowa for another wedding.  This time the wedding was not ours, but our good friends Kim and Barb.  Kim has been someone I have known from many years back.  One of the truly lucky things about my time in North County was reconnecting with her. 

The soon to be newlyweds

Kim and her very witty partner, Barb, decided to make the trek to Iowa and make their 18 years together official.  Natalie and I decided that a return trip to the mid western state where gay marriage is legal was in order.  The added bonus of 3 days off from work and spending time with good friends sealed the deal.

On October 13 we stood in the same courthouse in the same courtroom with the same judge watching our friends get married.  It was nice to actual hear the marriage vows that I sobbed through.  It is also good to finally know I did not agree to "Obey" Natalie.  I had just agreed be her partner in life.  Their ceremony was beautiful, Barb was radiant and Kim all smiles.

The good people of Iowa did us proud.  They were so welcoming and pleased that we came to their state for a wedding.  Judge Karen was happy to spend time in her busy day to perform nuptials for two people so obviously in love.  She told us that she enjoys marrying people and this year she has married about 75 gay and lesbian couples.  After the ceremony we all left the courtroom smiling. 

The wedding party
To Kim and Barb I wish many years of love and happiness.  Thank you for letting us share in your joy.  For the rest of us I wish all states would open their minds and hearts to allow this equal right to all of their citizens.

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