Sunday, October 2, 2011

Wedding Number 2

Today I went to another wedding, these nuptials were a family event.  I got to see cousins, aunt, uncles, nieces, siblings, and my wonderful mother.  I wore a my birthday dress and my beautiful wife wore green.  The weather was lovely and the caterers were awesome (granted they are also family, but the food was still very good).  Basking in the love of my family and a radiant pair of newlyweds does much to warm your soul.

Mandy, the radiant bride
I remember Mandy being born when I was 12.  She is my first cousin once removed, one of the earliest of that generation.  Today she and her three children joined another family of three, so like the Brady Bunch they became a large family over night.  I really liked that all of the children were in the wedding party.  To show their commitment to the new and improved blended family they each poured colored sand in a large jar.  I thought it was a brilliant way to show unity.

The Newly Blended Family, All Smiles
I can only wish them all the best in their new life, with the hope for more smiles and few tears.  I would like to say I prefer family get togethers which include weddings over less joyful events.  Even more I prefer events which include my wife; having her by my side always makes everything better.  My family gets kudos for all the congratulations and hugs I received about our recent nuptials.  My Aunt Maryann, the family matriarch, made it a point to come over and tells us how happy she was for us.  I thought it was another beautiful wedding and I am so glad I was invited to celebrate.

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