Sunday, November 27, 2011

Holiday Weekend or On My Own Schedule

I have said this many times before, I really do love being on my own schedule.  A holiday weekend with four full days off, is amazingly brilliant.  I have been trying to shove as much me things as I can in 96 hours. 

Sweet Potato Casserole

Thursday was of course the whole family thing.  So off to Hermann MO I went with my much requested sweet potato casserole (   I came home with homemade (by my niece and nephew with the help of their Mimi) chocolate turkeys.  I had a nice day and was glad to be with those I love.

Chocolate Thanksgiving Turkey

Friday it was off to lunch and a pedicure with my work bff, Cynthia in the hinterlands of South St Louis County.  This area is a bit of mystery to me, but the food was good (Frankie G's) and the sparkly Fresh Frog of Bel-Aire OPI polish on my toes was very worth the trip.  Natalie went with us and we both enjoyed spending the afternoon with the always amazing Cynthia.

The Knitting Patterns Mess, Before

Saturday I decided it was time to finish the a project I started on my last holiday weekend (Labor Day).  I have been wanting to get my knitting patterns in order.  I had previously sorted the patterns, but hit a wall of not having enough notebooks and then space for the organized notebooks.  It took me three months to get myself together enough to finish the project.  Of course I needed the help of the always organized Natalie to reach my goal.  We spent the afternoon together sorting patterns.  I told her it wasn't fun, but it was alot more enjoyable with her sitting across from me.

Knitting Patterns in the Drawer After

Sunday is at this time unscripted.  All I am hoping for is just one more day of sleeping late, knitting, and of course doing whatever I damn well want. 

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