Saturday, December 10, 2011

Not Forgotten or Love and Hate

Loved Yoga Socks.

I have not forgotten my blog, I have just been very busy with Christmas knitting.  However, I did have three knitted items which were gifted on St. Nicks Day.  I knitted two pair of yoga socks, which were a free pattern I love (  The sweet stitch pattern was just fun to knit.  I made a pair for myself ( that I just love them to wear around the house.  Co-worker Angie said she wanted a pair and my work bff, Cynthia, needed a pair too.  Both projects turned out great and I loved the knitting.

Right Twist Stitch Pattern

Okay back to Angie, she wanted a hat and with trepidation I found the pattern and did the knitting.  The end results were not my favorite, I really don't like knitting hats and I think it shows.  First hat had issues so I decided to try again.  The second hat turned out much better, but trust me on this, it did not make me love hat knitting at all.  I have started calling hats, hates.  Note to self, STOP knitting hates.
Angie in the Dreaded Hate


Angie said...

But just look how cute it is! I wore it Wednesday for a classroom I visit every week and the student's were amazed that someone made it.

Angie said...


Tempest ina Pot of Tea said...

You look lovely in the hat. and It did turn out nice the second time. Hats/hates are mysteries of size I just knit and hope for the best. I guess just my control issues are showing.