Sunday, December 18, 2011

Compromise or Dinner with My Wife

Tonight I really wanted sushi.  Specifically, I wanted the volcano roll at Cafe Mochi on Grand.  My wife wanted Vietnamese from Mekong on Grand.  We were doing that usual, no it is okay we can go to your pick , no-no-no let's go to your restaurant dance that we do when we parked at Jay's. I needed Ting Ting ginger chews. 

Tangent:  I love Ting Tings.  They are these spicy little candies which are the consistence of stale taffy and once soften just gum up your teeth.  I can only get them at international groceries and I am almost out.  Our goal was to pick up a few bags and then get dinner.

We walked back out to the car and I noticed Wei Hong, a Chinese Restaurant, across the street from Jay's.  We were, in fact, midway between Mochi and Mekong.  I looked at my wife and said, "How do you feel about Chinese instead?" I pointed across the street.

My wife cocked her head and gave me one of those pirate smiles of hers and said, "Why that is an excellent compromise."  And so I had hot and sour soup and many smiles from my wife as she ate her shrimp fried rice.  A happy medium was exactly what we both wanted for dinner.


Keeley said...

I just want you to know even though I haven't seen you all for a minute I take inspiration from you daily.

Tempest ina Pot of Tea said...

Thanks Keeley, but know we struggle like everyone else to make it. I just don't post the "my wife is a bitch today" stories. ;)