Tuesday, December 27, 2011

That's Where Jewelry Comes From

Recently, I have been obsessed with the sell of Elizabeth Taylor's jewelry in mid-December.  I had my eye on the Bulgari Diamond and Emerald necklace.  I was happy to hear that Bulgari bought the necklace back for $6.1 million.  However, can I just say OUCH, that is much bucks for your bling.  I kept teasing my friends that I wanted the necklace for Christmas and if they all went in together they could probably get me a parking space to the auction.

However, all that necklace lust went out in the universe and I got four new, beautiful necklaces, and a kit to knit my own sparkly bauble for Christmas.  I think I am so lucky to have friends who know and love me so well.  I cannot wait to wear my new pieces of jewelry, I am just perplexed on which one to wear first.

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