Monday, April 16, 2012

Wavy Lace Capelet or Hello 1970s

I must be obsessed with capelets lately, because I have knitted another one from the Wavy Lace Capelet pattern by Cecily Glowik MacDonald.  I have wanted to knit this pattern for awhile, like in a more season appropriate time, but whatever it is ready for cooler temperatures. 

I actually have had this yarn for awhile.  I especially loved the colors of the yarn, harvest gold, avocado, orange, and browns, straight out of my mother's kitchen circa 1972.  This yarn is a homespun and dyed yarn from the Bethel Sheep Fest, a gift from the beloved Tammie and Fiona.  I have been very nervous about what I would knit with the yarn because they are both such amazing knitters.  When I saw this pattern and felt it would be a good fit for the yarn. 

Well, maybe I should have thought a little more about the comments on Ravelry.  Being a beautifully plus sized woman, you are all aware I have a tendency to over do things to accommodate my size.  The comments suggested the cast on was too large.  I did use a smaller size and even went down two needle sizes.  Yet it was still a little (okay more than that) too big.  I compensated by using a second button on the top band.

Overall, I liked the end result.  The capelet is definitely in my color palette. Now to wait for fall and the opportunity to show off my retro seventies capelet.  Waititng...


Dyeabolical said...

So cute!

Tempest ina Pot of Tea said...

Thanks, this was a fun knit, but beware the cast on.