Saturday, April 21, 2012

Scanning the Past

I have said this before, I am not the most technically savvy person on the planet, but I do try. This afternoon I have been working on scanning old photographs.  Partly, this endeavor was because I came upon a suitcase full of old photos and because I truly do want to start thinking of moving those images to a digital environment.  Today was mostly photos of myself, narcissist that I am.  I am now able to visually see myself from birth to present, that is 46 years if you are counting.  I have put a bunch of images on facebook and I will put some on flickr too, but for you I will also put up a few more.  Lucky you!

Tempest in a Poncho 1971

Tempest 2004 Looking Almost Blond

I also scanned some of Natalie, but I will not share her milestone photographs without her express permission.  But it is hard she was such a cute toddler and a very hot teenager.  But I will share one of my favorite photographs of my wife.  She is giving the camera her best rakish smile that just melts my heart.  You can enjoy, just know she is taken, ;^y

Natalie 1998

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