Tuesday, June 12, 2012

And the New Flamingo Fiestaware Candlesticks Arrive

The Pyramid Candlestick Holders
Last week my special edition Flamingo Fiestaware Pyramid Candlestick Holders arrived to join the house that flamingos and Fiestaware built.  I would like to say I was not lured by the early morning email annoucing the pre-sale on limited edition new color candlestick holders, but I cannot (I don't even really like candlestick holders).  I gave the good people at Homer Laughlin my credit card number and waited with un-contained enthusiasm.  Fast forward to last weekend and they arrived.   I ripped open the box in the parking lot of UPS wanting to see the new color that badly.  I think I squealed a little when I dug the new items out of a mile of bubble wrap.

Notice Rose Saucer Under Candlestick Holder
I like the new color, it is bright and fun.  The pink will look great with my lemon grass, peacock, and tangerine colors.  I do have the old discontinued rose in several  pieces, I was worried the flamingo would be just a rehash of that shade of pink.  Immediately, on arrival at home I went in and grabbed a rose saucer and decided that yes this color is a different shade.  If anything, I would say the flamingo is the color that should have been produced from the beginning. 

My New Candlesticks are Even Numbered in Gold

Speaking of beginnings, a part of me wishes I could chuck all my Fiestaware and start over again with a complete set of the flamingo.  However, that is not going to happen, instead I think some new place settings are in order.   I have been assured that this weekend, shipments of the new color will be available at my favorite Fiestaware dealers.  I am thinking someone is going to be abusing her Visa card in the near future.  I can resist anything, but brightly colored dinnerware it would seem.

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