Saturday, June 23, 2012

Remembering My Dad

Today my dad would have been, 71.  I know you guys have listened to me be sad about this loss before.  But there is still this large hole in my life that has his name on it.  I am doing better than I was even a year ago, I rarely cry about his death unless I am near a rack of Father's Day cards at the grocery store.  I see this lack of tears as an improvement.  I also refuse to let him be upgraded to sainthood by my mother or sister.  He was a real person with flaws like everyone else.  So again I say improvement.  Today I got out of bed, spent time with loved ones, drank tea, and I laughed.  Improvement.  I have learned to cope, but the memory of him moves forward with me. He was loved and is missed.  Enough said.

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