Sunday, June 17, 2012

Purchasing Fiestaware in Doing So I Change My Mind

Today I was in the pink, as in the new Flamingo Fiestaware Pink that I have been gushing on and on about for weeks.  I went to the local source of Fiestaware, the always fabulous Cornucopia ( with my minion in tow.  As I descended into the basement of dinnerware bliss, my heart beat a little faster at all the colorful goodness around me.  I stood in awe of the sea of pink in front of me and was almost too overcome to decide on what pieces to purchase.  My minion goaded me with a snide comment about buying it all up and locking it away from me.  Did I mention my minion is evil?

The new hue is just so fresh.  In the past the good people at Homer Laughlin have given us the washed out apricot, and the pastel rose as pinkish color options.  I was unsure how the flamingo would stack up to those colors.  Once home with some comparison with other pieces, the new color has more of a pop especially when paired with the green colors, like chartreuse and lemon grass.  In case you haven't noticed I am kind of in love with the new color.

Flamingo, Rose, and Apricot Mini Disk Pitchers

After much indecision I did chose some fabulous flamingo pieces.  I bought a gusto bowl, a ramekin, salt and pepper shakers, the mini disk pitcher, and a surprise purchase, but I will get to that in a moment.  I waffled on a small casserole dish, but decided against it.  The staff at Conucopia was a tad (just a small tad maybe) amused by my enthusiasm over the the new color.  I can't blame them, occasionally, I am a bit, (just an itty bitty bit) over the top.

The Purchase

Now for the shocker of the day.  I have in the past been a little critical of the concept of square Fiestaware (  Some even think I have said that I see square dishes as crime against humanity, but they would be exaggerating.  Though my initial thoughts on square Fiestaware were reserved, I find I may have been too hasty in politely venting my concerns.  I did in fact purchase two square serving pieces of dinnerware.  My minion was quite persuasive in suggesting that the the lemon grass and flamingo in square shapes were very attractive together.  Did I mention my minion is evil?  I know it can be a surprise to those who have heard my gentle complaints about squares, but I have, as is my prerogative, changed my mind. 


Nell said...

Was going to leave a comment but can't spell nuttin' it seems. So will just say: Good morning fellow nightowl and happiness sometimes comes in unexpected shapes!

Tempest ina Pot of Tea said...

Yes it does. :)