Saturday, August 11, 2012

Lip Service or Obsession with the Scots

While others have been obsessed with the other televised events from across the pond, I have been watching a television show about a group of lesbians in Scotland.  A BBC show called "Lip Service" (  Natalie found the program on netflicks.  This show is hot, as in steaming up my computer screen HOT!  Who knew Glasgow was such a mecca for lesbians? 

I have also been trying to watch the Showtime program, "L Word," but I am a little put off by the glossy magazine perfection of the women on that show.  Also, am I the only one shocked by how they can always find parking in LA next to local coffee house?  Oh yes, that is because LA is actually being filmed in Canada.  "Lip Service," is grittier and to be honest, messy enough to be real and did I mention very sexy?  Okay, let me just say it is down right in your face sex.

Neither show is about lesbians from my age group, both portray that lucky generation that gets to be out and about after Ellen.  The progress of lesbian characters from the previously pitiful representations in film and television is much needed.  However, if I had to chose between Lesbian Sex in the City, West or Dyketon Abbey, Scotland I would say sapphic Scots here I come (hint, hint, wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

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