Saturday, August 25, 2012

Looking at Underthings At the History Museum

I admit it, I like corsets. So when friend Deborah told me that the Missouri History Museum had a new exhibit, Underneath it All (, I knew I had to go.  Today I found I had just the afternoon to do it.  With Deborah riding shotgun we headed down to the History Museum.

When I was in Girl Scouts, many years ago, I earned a Native American history badge at the museum.  The day was full of artifacts, history, and meeting other scouts, magic for a little girl from a small town.  The badge I earned that day was one of my favorite; I proudly wore it on my girl scout sash.  I think my love of history was born that day.  Since then any visit to the source of that memory is always a treat.

Add to the treat of the history museum, a good friend, and lingerie, well that all equals another memorable day.  The exhibit was fascinating with beautiful dresses and intriguing undergarments.  The displays had two sets of mannequinn, one in a garment, the other showing the foundation items underneath.  The displays start in the early nineteenth century and goes to now.  The exhibit left nothing to the imagination and women's underthings.  I was impressed by the fortitude of my female progenitors for not only wearing layers of clothing, but putting in a full day while doing it.  I am so lucky that my daily garb is not as constrictive. 

Friend Deborah, a committed reenactor, pointed out some details I would have missed.  We also discussed our favorite fashions and even what styles would be kindest for our figures.  As we got closer to time periods we were familiar with we pointed out items we both remembered our mothers wearing.  A delightful day was had by both of us.  I did get a few pictures of the displays, but the lighting is not kind for taking flashless photos.   I hope these few shots give you a flavor for the exhibit.

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