Saturday, September 29, 2012

Taking A VaKay!!!

Over five years ago I started blogging ( for several reasons.

1)     Because I was no longer able to go to my Wednesday knit night and I wanted to still have a way to connect with this awesome new circle of friends.

2)    As a new knitter, I wanted to record my knitting life in a very public forum.

3)    I like to write.

4)    My life was changing and I felt this was a great way to document these changes.

5)   Many of my new knit friends had blogs, and well I wanted one too.

Five years later my life has changed in many ways and the blogging has helped to give me perspective on so many of these changes.  Lately, one of those changes has been to ask myself why am I still blogging?  Do I feel I still need this outlet?  Would I miss blogging if I stopped?  One of my very brilliant co-workers suggested I take a vacation from blogging to see if I missed it.  I meant to take my leave of absence after the trip to Nashville, but then I wanted to brag about the color block blanket.  Next 7 got sick and I wanted to have an outlet for all the emotions that went with agony of losing a small, furry friend.  Which brings me to now, and a break from blogging. 

I want to say this is not a plea for a flood of comments saying, "OH NO, please your blog is a shining star of blogdom, you must not leave me in the lurch!"  I could only dream of such an impact and to be fair, my blog gets far more attention than I ever imaged it would receive.  I just want to examine my reasons for talking about my life so publicly and see if I miss blogging.  I will be back maybe with a new perspective and possibly a revived desire to virtually connect with my friends.  Wish me luck and thank you for letting me share snippets of my life with you over the last five years.

Much Love.

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