Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dead Can Dance in Nashville

Last year I heard Dead Can Dance (, one of my favorite groups, was putting together a world tour.   I told my lovely wife, who does not like the group, that I was going regardless of where they were playing.  This explains how we found ourselves at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville Tennessee last night waiting for Dead Can Dance to appear.

Natalie and I with Sheri Lynn and Brenda Kay
As we sat there waiting in our pew, 5 rows from the stage, we talked about our day.  The day where we spent 2 hours in the company of Brenday Kay and Sheri Lynn Jugg aboard a pink bus, doing the Nashtrash tour of Nashville(  The tour was spent laughing so hard our sides still hurt.  Our guides showed us the seedier side of the city and discussed the demise of the butter Jesus in Ohio.  Natalie and I sat in the front of the bus and immediately got clocked as alternate lifestyle participants.  When they ask if we were girlfriends I held up my hand and pointed to my wedding ring.  The Juggs were tickled to death, and said to the bus, "Good for you, doesn't bother us, why should it bother anyone."  In other words great tour.  Also where else do you get to ride around in a bright pink bus?

Nashtrash Pink Bus
We ate at my favorite restaurant in Nashville, Noshville (  I love this place.  Their reuben sandwich is about the best one I have ever had.  After lunch we went to yarn shops and then back to our very nice hotel suite to rest before dolling up for the concert. All in all a wonderful day about to be capped by the concert I have waited years to see.  I want to tell you my friends, it was Christmas, my birthday, and hitting a jackpot on a slot machine all rolled into one.

David Kuchermann on the handpans
The concert started on time with David Kuckhermann on the handpan drums.  These are odd, flying saucer-shaped, drums with an amazing sound resonating from them, like a steel drum only more ethereal.  He also managed to produce a song from a tambourine which was astounding.   He really set the tone for the evening.

Lisa Gerrard in the house
When the lights went down again and the band stepped on the stage, I forgot to breath.  Natalie gave my hand a squeeze and my dream of seeing Dead Can Dance came true.  I expected the concert to be good, but this exceeded anything I could have imagined.  The music was a combination of the older music and their new album, Anastasis.  Lisa Gerrard walked out looking like some regal other worldly creature dressed in a stunning dark velvet dress with a gold sash around her neck ready to play her dulcimers.  Brendan Perry haunting songs and vocals matched Gerrard's unique singing style.  Our seats were so close I could see the nuances of their interactions and presence. For me it was euphoric.  I transcended myself and was carried through the music to a place of metaphysical bliss.  Trust me on this point, (BIG SIGH) this night was magic for me.

Brendan Perry
The band did three encores and the crowd did not want to leave this sanctuary of music.  However, all things must come to an end, and as the light came up I knew it was time to return to the real world.  All I could do was look at my wife, who as I said does not really care for Dead Can Dance, swelling with love for this beautiful woman sitting next to me.  I am so lucky to have shared something I love so much with a person who just understands and loves me as I am. 
Brendan Perry and Lisa Gerrard
As we left the historic Ryman I ask my wife to give me just a little more time to snap a few photos highlighting the venue.   We even made a stop by the statue of Minnie Pearl to wrap her in my handknit vintage wrap( I was wearing.  Minnie looked beautiful in the colorful garment.

Minnie Pearl Statue at the Ryman
I am home in St Louis, and I need to go to bed for work tomorrow.  I just want to hold onto this feeling a little bit longer sharing my photos and prose.  I feel lucky.  Lucky to have realized the dream of seeing one of my favorite bands, lucky to have the income to travel to such a vibrant city, and so very lucky to have a wonder person in my life who did not my share my dream, but sat with me holding my hand while I fulfilled mine.

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