Monday, September 3, 2012

Many Shades of Green

I love my wife, you know I do.  However, relationships take time and work.  After almost 25 years together (though that number is the sum of a very complicated word problem) I recognize the ebb and flow of a relationship is not the same today as it was 10 years ago, or for that matter last week.  Some days, I admit I love Natalie more then I do other days.  I am sure it is the same for her. 

Lately, things have been good between us.  As I have alluded to before, it has been an emotional and stressful summer.  Natalie has been my rock helping and supporting me through the tempest.  I am lucky to have someone I love by my side.  I know you, my friends, are about to the gag from the mush.  Well hold on it is going to get even more sickening.

Friday, I told her I loved her more than the color green.  I love the color green, you know I do.  My wife knows it too and said, she did not believe I would love her that much.  I said of course I did because there were many shades of green and I loved her more than most of those shades.

I have told her I have love her more than: forest, kelly, ever, Dartmouth, hunter, fern, Persian, John Deere, spring, day glo, money, and institutional green.  I love her more than teal, asparagus, melon, celery, olive drab, emerald, spruce, pond scum, and lunar tide.  Tomorrow I will tell her I love her more then celadon, army green, jade, and plain olive.  I am holding out chartreuse, lime, granny smith, harlequin, girl scout green, and avocado for really special moments because those are some of my favorite shades of green. 

As you can see I am running out of shades of green.  So my friends, I need more shades of green to tell my wife I love her more than.  Any suggestions would be appreciated because I really do love my wife, you know I do.


Julie Ann said...

This happens to be the sweetest thing I have read in months. Sigh. (a good sigh). <3

Tempest ina Pot of Tea said...

thank you honey, it is just my wife is so sweet she makes me love her more than the color green.

Dyeabolical said...

Moss green, that green the sky gets before a thunder storm, the 3-D type of green that the trees get before a storm, cactus green, the green underside of purple leaves (a color that is better than words can describe), the green that forms when you tightly seal a plastic zip bag (yellow and blue make green!)

You two are super sweet. Love!