Tuesday, May 21, 2013

And Then There Were 12!

The last couple of weeks we have added three more states to growing list of places adding equality for their LGBTQ communities.  Rhode Island, Delaware, and Minnesota have added rainbow stripes to their flags, becoming states 10, 11, & 12 to make same-sex marriage legal. 

Minnesota, Delaware, Rhode Island
Coming soon the area in the United States in which my marriage license is legal grows.  What I think saddens me is that in one state my spouse and I are equal with other wedded couples, but as we cross state lines we lose those rights.  I don't know about you, but it makes me feel like we are becoming two countries.  Makes me wonder about the United part of the United States of America.

Washington, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Iowa, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, New York
I have been cruising to truck stops collecting state magnets of all the places we are married.  This way Natalie and I will know where we are welcomed.  Here is hoping that soon I have all 50 states welcoming us as equal citizens. 

All 12 states, who will be 13?


Angie said...

And Washington D.C.!

Tempest ina Pot of Tea said...

I have been looking for a D.C. magnet, but have had no luck.