Friday, May 17, 2013

Dyeabolical Mixed Wave Mitts

Check out the new mitts I knit for myself.  I am kind of in love with how colorful and graphic these are.  I will tell you the amount of mistakes are legion, but who cares they look great.  I found the pattern, mixed wave mitts (, on ravelry (a fiber enthusiaists website).  For the knitters each color has a series of short rows, which are new to my knitting skill sets.  My less than stellar execution of the technique seemed to not hinder a stunner of a project. 

I did three things right on this project.  First I leaned on my friend Rachel from Dyeabolical Yarns ( to show me how to do those pesky short rows.  Second I used my stash of Dyeabolical Rainbow Minis for the the waves.  Third, added an I-cord cast-off to the top and bottom to really set off the colors.

I also really love how I reversed the pattern.  The reversal allows me to wear the mitts two different ways.  I can show my true colors of garish me.  Or I can change to show my deep, primary colors self.  Regardless of which side I decide to show, both are spectacular.  Call me humble and subdued, NOT!

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