Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Knitting 2013

This year I scaled back my Christmas knitting and actually did most of my knitting through out the year.  Again compared to previous years it was much less.  In the end I gifted 4 pairs of mitts, 3 washcloths (thanks Spidermonkey for the inspiration), and 2 scarves.  I also have 3 as of yet gifted items (one of which is actually still on needles).  I love giving and receiving knitted items for presents, but this year I was just not inspired to knit for Christmas.  Maybe next year I will have that mojo back we will see.

However I this is what I did knit:
3 Ball Band Washcloths
2 Pair of Fingerless Moss Stitch Mitts in a Silk/Wool Blend
A Pair of Fingerless Moss Stitch Mitts in Angora

A Pair of Sparkly Fingerless Moss Stitch Mitts in Rayon
 I Hope everything I knit went to a home where they know the items were knitted with love.
Casablanca Wavy Scarf
Meandering Rib Scarf in Cotton Chenille

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