Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Tardis of Teapots

A couple of weeks ago Natalie bought me a new teapot.  I must admit, it was an impulse buy on her part which happened too fast for me to stop her.  It was not that the teapot was not attractive, but it looked kind of small.  I thought it would only yield maybe two small cups of tea or one large cup of tea.  I brought it home and thought what the hell I will give it a try.  The teapot is a lovely round, enamel green, thing made of stainless steel.  The first pot I made actually filled almost 4 Fiestaware mugs, each mug is 12 ounces.  I was a little surprised that the tea just kept coming out of the shiny spout.  The next day I made a pot of tea for our larger Nightmare before Christmas mugs, those run about 18 to 20 ounces a mug.  We had just enough tea for those mugs with a little room leftover for honey and a splash of milk.  Again, I was surprised.  So surprised I started calling the new teapot the Tardis of teapots. 

Natalie kept laughing at me every time I talked about the amazing new teapot.  I would say, "But it really is bigger on the inside than the outside."  She would laugh even more.  I didn't get it.  Well today I got it.  Really, I got it, a Tardis teapot.  When I opened the package she laughed and smiled at me.  All this time that I have been going on and on about my new Tardis of teapots, she actually had a Tardis teapot for me.  So crazy and awesome. 

Tardis Teapot on Left, Teapot with Tardis Qualities on Right

Good presents which will be much enjoyed.  I hope everyone had a great holiday, much love.