Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Resoluted in 2013

I have had such a good year.  The biggest and most important thing about my year is I changed jobs (http://tempestinapot.blogspot.com/2013/04/tempest-in-hoosegow.html)!  My new life away from my previous job has been so much better.  I feel again like there may be hope for me yet, that I found this hope while working for a jail is a little surprising.  Yet, working behind bars is so much better than working with books.  My new job has come with challenges, but as I face each one and work towards solutions I like my job even more.  Now when I pass out on my futon at night it is from exhaustion, not depression.  Epic win on that one.

On the epic fail list is a change in my social circle.  This change has been painful, but it has allowed me to throw myself into succeeding at my new job.  These two changes have also given me back my evenings and allowed me more time to spend with my beautiful wife.

Speaking of my beautiful wife, we are married in way more states then we were last year.  The end of DOMA has opened so many doors for our relationship to be legally recognized as what it is, a marriage.  Also both of our jobs recognizes us as married.  Epic win again!  I am expecting next year to be more epic wins for equality.

I reviewed my resolutions from last year (http://tempestinapot.blogspot.com/2013/01/resolute.html) and find on this point I am going to give myself a sort of win. I did write this year.  In fact I took the NaBloPoMo challenge to blog everyday in the month of November.  I decided to write about falling in love with Natalie back in the day.  So many of you said so many nice things about our story, thank you.  However, I wish I would have written more this year. 

But I did knit a sweater! Okay, it was a pullover, but I am calling it a sweater.  Epic win on the sweater for me.  I have even worn the sweater out in the public and been complimented on how great it looks (thank you everyone for being so polite). At first I failed on the sweater but I added some ribbon to the neckline and saved all that knitting, so yay me http://tempestinapot.blogspot.com/2013/10/first-sweater-first-sweater-failure.html).

My year was so good I think I will forego making any resolutions for 2014.  Okay, maybe I will resolve to make another sweater, that sounds like a great resolution.  Have a Happy New Years my friends.

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