Sunday, April 19, 2015

Dresser Win!

Loving the greens on this chest of drawers
Yesterday, I lamented that I was on a quest for a chest of drawers.  I had prepared myself for a lengthy hunt, but first thing this morning I walked into Vintage Bizarre on Virginia and immediately I found 2 gorgeous candidates.  I did hear angels singing when I beheld my choices.  Dresser A was painted white with 7 drawers painted various shades of green.  Dresser B was cream with pink drawers.  I loved them both, but dresser A just had the look I really wanted.  Now that I have it home, I think dresser B might have been a better choice because it was bigger.  However, I do love the look of my new chest of drawers.

Many flamingos will roost here.
Today was all about furniture, we moved the new dresser to my room.  Natalie put together an IKEA apothecary cabinet for my bathroom.  She gets a good spouse award because she hates putting together IKEA furniture. Even a small dry sink, made by my great grandfather Helms, made its way into my bathroom.  I love the idea of having the dry sink used by generations of my family now being in my own bathroom. 

I have always loved the glass knobs on this dry sink.

Calling today a win.

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