Sunday, May 10, 2015

I Do Not Have the Power


Image result for power cord drawing
As you can imagine with the move everything is in chaos.  I find myself surrounded by boxes, lots of boxes.  Even something as simple as the cord to my cd player has become big drama.  I know it is here, in a box, laughing at me.  I went back to Casa de California and nope not there either.  I took my frustrated self to Target and guess what I could not even find cd players. I found lots of cords but nothing even remotely looking like a power cord to an old fashion cd player.  I tried to ask one of the associates to help me, but it was as if we were speaking 2 different languages. I tried the internet, again it was as if I were typing in archaic codes.  I lamented my cause to my sister and she was not sympathetic.  In fact, I could hear her eyes rolling on the other side of the phone.

After having a temper tantrum in front of Natalie she had mercy on me and went on her own quest for the lost power cord.  My wonderful wife went to Best Buy and told them my saga, but again there was no power cord for sale.  One of the associates looked around the back room and actually found an orphan cord and sent it home with her.  My hero showed up with the new cord, but it did not fix my cd player. Again I was sad, but my wife happened across the Wii and low and behold its cord actually fit my cd player.  I turned on my music and did a happy dance for Natalie.

Granted I still had Pandora and my Walkman while I was searching for the cord, but I wanted control of my music.  I know some of you are wondering why I just don't go completely digital? I like my cds, I like my cd player. Now, I just need a new cord for the Wii.

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