Monday, May 11, 2015

Blue Horizons Circa 1974

After traveling over mounds of stashed yarn, struggling through pages of difficult instructions, and hours of strenuous hooking I have completed my Blue Horizons crochet project (cue over the top music).  Okay, I finished my afghan, my first, and maybe last afghan.  Relieved to back to my sticks and leave the hooks behind.  I used up 3/4 of my Mission Falls stash and hooked about 4000 yards of yarn.  Yes, that afghan has over a mile of yarn in it.  Of course we are on the cusp of Summer and I don't think I am ready to cuddle up with my a wool afghan. Fall will come my pretty.

The original pattern had blues and purple aptly named Blue Horizons.  As I love green and I have a lot of green yarn I decided green it would be.  I added snaps of reds, balanced by a blue and some purples with black for the borders.  In the end I think the colors remind me the early 70s when my mom put in an avocado kitchen accenting it with autumnal colors.  I loved those colors then, I love now and I love this crocheted afghan. 

I need to thank my friend, and teacher, Suzanne, for all the help along the way.  Thanking her and the rest of my crocket group for the patience and assistance to get me to this beautiful finished project.  Feeling I have earned my crochet afghan merit badge.

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