Thursday, May 21, 2015

Falling Off the Yarn Diet Wagon

Dream in Color, Smooshy (I can thank Siri for this purchase).
With all the drama of moving my wife and I decided to curtail our fiber habit by going on a yarn diet.  I tried to think of all the yarn I was going to have to move.  This strategy worked, I did in fact not buy any yarn for several months.  However, now that I am moved in I have rewarded myself by throwing myself off the yarn diet wagon right in a big old pile of yarn..  I bought some Berroco yarn, which was on sale, for a vest.  Thanks to the enabling of the always helpful Siri I bought 2 sumptuous skeins of a Dream in Color cashmere/merino blend sock weight yarn.  I have a pattern for that too.  Next came 2 skeins of Black Bunny Fibers, Sister Silk.  I am still searching for a good pattern for the silk.  Finally, I found some Ella Rae cotton in a clearance bin, and thought I would knit a hand towel for my new bathroom. Yup that is me wallowing around in that cashmere, silk, and cotton.

Black Bunny Fibers, Sister Silk (I admit I was seduced by the color)

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