Monday, March 7, 2016

New Fiestaware Color: Claret

Okay, we have established that Fiestaware is my obsession.  I have all the colors, the linens, the flatware, and a tattoo, giving me the all the fiesta cred I need to prove this point.  It is a truth held self-evident by every fiber of my being that I LOVE Fiestaware.  And because I love it so much about every year around my birthday they announce a new color.  Saturday morning I woke up early to see what the new color would be, hoping for fuchsia or magenta, but the new color is Claret,as in a dark wine color.  The color actually harkens back to the previously limited run Raspberry color from  20 years ago.  I am excited and think the color will definitely find a home with the rest of my colorful dishes.  Not to be content with just announcing a new color, the good folks at Homer Laughlin also introduced a new matte black as well.  I am unsure how I feel about a non-shiny piece of Fiestaware, but I do think the matte black will lend to some great bakeware pieces.  Looking forward to seeing the new color and finish in June.

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