Saturday, March 26, 2016

Putting All My Eggs in One Basket

Tis the season to think of bunnies, eggs, and Easter.  How bunnies and eggs got attached to a Christian holiday is truly an ancient slight of hand.  Let's transpose the resurrection on to spring fertility rites.  Throw in the spring lamb and presto we still celebrate with eggs, rabbits, and lambs as symbols for the holiday.  Myself, I needed a break from the land of ponchos and decided to knit some eggs for my empty egg basket.  Please, no jokes on the symbolism there. 

Let me back up a little to tell you about this empty egg basket.  At our open house one of the guests gave us an egg basket full of apples.  Weirdly, I have a couple of alabaster eggs leftover from the 70s, a couple of shaky eggs, and a few other miscellaneous egg shaped items.  My thought was as I unpacked the eggs I would put them in the basket, but I have only found one shaky egg.  Frustrated by my empty basket, I decided to knit a few eggs.  Fortuitously, Ravelry had just the pattern I needed, Elegant Eggs by Knitty Keen.

With some left over yarn and free time I made five.  Somehow I managed to restrain myself from knitting a few more.  Natalie wisely reminded me that I still had those other eggs hiding somewhere and when I found them they would still need a place to go.  Now I can at least say a have a few eggs in my basket.

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