Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

Cancer sucks, that means having it or knowing and loving someone who has been diagnosed with the big C. My dad has pancreatic cancer and it is a cancer that truly sucks. His odds of beating this thing are under 12%. His doctor told him he would probably have only 6 months to live. All of it is very gloomy and doomy. We found out about this last year in early November. It made for a very sad winter.

Eight months later in June not only has my father exceeded his six months, but he will celebrate his 68th birthday and his 45th father's day. The cancer is being kept in check by the chemo. Dad is walking and working on his appetite so he can take a motorcycle trip to Alaska later in the summer. I say go dad.

We are all learning to take everyday as a gift. Every good day. I hope to post next year with some uplifting post about his 46th father day. If not, I want to at least say my dad saw Alaska. And that his "Cancer Sucks" button looked defiant on his motorcycle jacket.


BZero said...

I'm glad to read he's still doing well.

Tempest ina Pot of Tea said...

Thank you. Today is my dad's birthday. He was going to work in the morning and then hop on his motorcycle and go to Columbia, MO to get his chemo. After that he said he was going to take the long way home. All I can say is go dad.