Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cleaning Out My Closet

Last weekend sucked.  I felt since I was at a low point I should dig down and really wallow in my misery.  With gritted teeth and a mobile clothing rack I plunged in cleaned out the closet.  I tried on almost every piece of clothing I owned.  I managed to get rid of a significant mound of clothes that no longer fit my curvaceous frame.

I found this process so very hard, this purge was a painful trip down memory lane.  My leather mini skirt that Natalie had made for me, my cream lace shirt I wore to the bar that turned heads, stacks of pants and shirts all removed.  I had to let it all go, I needed the space, I needed to not think about all the clothes in my closet I could no longer wear. 

The deed is done, the items dispersed, and I have space for new clothes.  However, I don't want new clothes.  I want the space, I want to keep things simple and uncluttered.  Okay, maybe a little less cluttered.  If  only I could keep my life a little less cluttered.

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Rachel said...

It is amazing how cathartic cleaning out the closets is.

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