Thursday, September 23, 2010

Finding Piccadilly at Manhattan

 As I have mentioned before Thursdays are special nights for my beloved cuz and me.  We like to eat good food and unwind from our work week.  Both of us keep our ears open for any mention of good restaurants and this week we found a keeper.  One of my most annoying customers was talking about this place, Piccadilly at Manhattan ( )on the edge of  the county and city line.

He told me I could never find it so I would have to take him.  Silly customer, I work for a library, I know how to find things.  The gauntlet was thrown down and good food as my prize, I was up to the challenge.

 With a little care reading street signs, we found ourselves standing outside this charming, clematis covered, neighborhood restaurant.  I stepped inside and felt as if I had stepped into a the Ellendale Neighborhood's private little Brigadoon.  I saw people step out of their homes cross the street and walk in to be greeted as if they were family.  The restaurant was clean, bright, and very welcoming.  We were told to sit anywhere and choose the Bob Dylan table next to the window.

 The menu was simple, unpretentious and full of reasonably priced comfort food.  I chose the fried chicken with mash potatoes and green beans.  Cuz decided on the meatloaf.  We sipped our freshly brewed ice tea, knitted a row on our projects, getting excited as we saw our fellow diners meals come out.  The special was a Fred Flinstone sized rack of ribs, and the cheeseburger was a beauty of two stacked patties and lots of melting cheese.  Our food came out fairly quickly, steaming and smelling like heaven.  I am very picky about my fried chicken and I was stunned, I had four very crispy pieces.  The breading was not too salty and the meat tender and moist.  The mashed potatoes were the real mccoy and the green beans just like my grandma use to make.  I fell on that plate like a wild thing.  Cuz was equally as enthusiastic with her meatloaf.  I am not a meatloaf fan, but I am here to tell you that was some awesome meatloaf.  The slice had a good savory flavor with a firm, but juicy texture. The only complaint we had was that we both wished we had a biscuit to sop up all of your very tasty gravy.

With such a good meal we decided on a very decadent dessert, chocolate cheesecake mousse.  What a little luscious dish that was.  We left the restaurant feeling full and very happy. I kept turning around as we walked to the car, expecting the building to disappear into the mist.  Wonderful meal, and after all that food we spent just at $30 for both of us. Definitely the sort of evening that sooths away some of the rough edges of the work week.

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