Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tank You, Or My First Garment

 I have been knitting for just over three years and I have made scarves, wash cloths, berets, wristwarmers, coasters, socks, throws, and gaiters.  I have avoided making a sweater or clothes of any kind for fear of badly botching the job.  I have toyed with making a tank because it would be less of a commitment, no sleeves.  I only toyed with the idea until last spring a good friend ask me to make her a top for her.  I would have liked to put her off instead of failing at the task, but she had been so supportive  last winter when I was struggling through my father's illness.  She sent me cards, flowers, and photos of her dog, making me smile when smiles were few and far between.  If anyone was worth the challenge, she was. 

I found a basic pattern in KnitSimple ( ) and thought maybe?  In late may I started knitting, and knitting, and knitting.  Somewhere on the front V neck I started to be wracked by doubt.  I the neckline looked weird and if I failed, I was afraid she would think I was an awful knitter and an ungrateful friend.  My knitting confidence was at an all time low, I found working on the tank to be an exercise in failure.  This pattern was never going to look right, I told myself.  I even quit knitting for a couple of weeks because I just knew this project was a fiasco. 
Finally, I gave up on the doubt and my mantra, "Just keepon  knitting!"  Once I sat down and started again, I decided if I just do this project I can get on with my life. 

After much forced knitting and many mental pep talks, I finally had both front and back pieces were done.  Sandy at Knitorious helped me sew my pieces together teaching me the mattress stitch. I picked up the neck and armhole stitches followed by I-cord bind offs.  I had some problem with armholes they were just too big.  I decreased to cinch them up, but in the end I think I should have decreased a little more.

Tank on fabulous supermodel, Beloved Cuz

The tank is done and the garment given with all my hope and fretting knitted into each stitch.  I have no idea how the item was received or if it even fit (cross your fingers for me).  I can only say that I have completed my first piece of clothing and like so many other things it was a life lesson in perseverance.

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