Thursday, November 5, 2009

Day Five:Gratitude

(Beloved Cuz)
Sometimes I just want to be the worst version of myself. The catty and biting person who cackles with mirth at strangers poor fashion choices and footwear. This behavior is especially delicious after a good meal and in the company of someone who can appreciate my cutting remarks. Of course this is not my usual diet of polite discourse and compassion for others faux pas and foibles, but once a week I allow myself this opportunity to vent all that pent-up evilness. I am very fortune to have a partner in my weekly catharsis, my Beloved Cuz.

(Renfaire Dorks of Pleasure)

Beloved Cuz (BC) gets me. We only got to know one another as adults, so there are no childhood memories of me stealing her Barbie clothes or tricking her into eating something disgusting which is on the plus side of our relationship. She understands I grew up in the back of beyond just like her and prefer my urban existence to the life I had in Crawford County. She understands my drive to present myself as urbane with no trace of country left. She also likes to laugh, gossip, and listen. Always listening to my hopes, my triumphs, my pain, and my frustration without judgement only occasionally poking at my deficiencies.

(Petunia Pig)
For almost ten years we have been getting together on Thursday night to dine and dish. During that time our lives have changed and morphed into other things. She is a mother with a busy travel schedule, but still we maintain the schedule with sickness, funerals, and travel being the only breaks we give one another. I know I look forward to Thursday, I hope she does too.

(Thursday Night Crew)

So today I am grateful for having my BC in my life who gets me and lets me just be myself without the pretense of niceties for just those precious few hours a week. I would be lost without her.

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