Sunday, January 1, 2012

End of the Year Knitting Wrap Up

The holidays are over and a new year minutes away so I am posting the last of the my Christmas knitting on the blog.  I have above the Not Quite Straight Scarf, I knitted for Cynthia, she looked awesome in these colors.

My mom in the Mixt Cowl.  She has been after me to knit her the perfect scarf/cowl.  I keep knitting different designs for her and she keeps telling me what she wants different in the next one.  I am holding back the scarf love and refusing to knit for her for awhile.

The Provence Cloche was another of those hats (hates), I knitted this year, let's just say enough said on that subject.

Four very lovely diagonal scarves in a bamboo blend for some of my co-workers.  And I say next year I am going to spend some time knitting for me.  As much as I love gifting knitted items, I want to be knitting more for the adventure than the end product.  And as the fireworks and gunshots ring in my year maybe that should be my goal for the year to enjoy the journey and not worry about the destination.

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